Annual Calendars
$   7.75        26+         
$ 10.75        1-25        
Calendar with days of the week. Images and text printed 
on each month.  Text and show of months on back.  
Printed on heavy cardstock, spiral binding, hole punched 
for hanging. Sealed in a clearbag.
Measures 8.5 x 11 flat,11x17 hanging.
Perpetual Calendars
$ 4.90        12+         
$ 6.90        1-11        
Never goes out of date.
Displays numbers of the month but not 
days of the week. Ideal for recording 
birthdays, anniversaries and other 
important dates that always stay the 
same.  Printed on heavy cardstock, spiral 
binding at top, sealed in a clearbag.
Measures 4.25 x 11.