1. LH-101 Biloxi Light
    LH-101 Biloxi Light
  2. LH-102 Lowestoft, England
    LH-102 Lowestoft, England
  3. LH-103 Portland Head Light
    LH-103 Portland Head Light
  4. LH-104 Nubble
    LH-104 Nubble
  5. LH-105 Annisquam
    LH-105 Annisquam
  6. LH-106 White Island Light
    LH-106 White Island Light
  7. LH-107 Nubble
    LH-107 Nubble
  8. LH-108 Portland Head
    LH-108 Portland Head
  9. LH-109 Pensacola
    LH-109 Pensacola
  10. LH-110 Portland Breakwater
    LH-110 Portland Breakwater
  11. LH-111
  12. LH-112 Minot's Ledge
    LH-112 Minot's Ledge
  13. LH-113 Raritan River
    LH-113 Raritan River
  14. LH-114 Jupiter
    LH-114 Jupiter
  15. LH-115 Owls Head
    LH-115 Owls Head
  16. LH-116 Bergen Point
    LH-116 Bergen Point
  17. LH-117 Tillamook Rock
    LH-117 Tillamook Rock
  18. LH-118  Pigeon Point
    LH-118 Pigeon Point
  19. LH-119 Rock Harbor
    LH-119 Rock Harbor
  20. LH-120 Stannard's Rock
    LH-120 Stannard's Rock
  21. LH-121 Detroit River
    LH-121 Detroit River
  22. LH-122 Eddystone
    LH-122 Eddystone
  23. LH-123 Llandudno, Wales
    LH-123 Llandudno, Wales
  24. LH-124 Pommeraina, Germany
    LH-124 Pommeraina, Germany
  25. LH-125 Hunstanton, England
    LH-125 Hunstanton, England
  26. LH-126 Lowestoft, England
    LH-126 Lowestoft, England
  27. LH-127 Cape Chersonese
    LH-127 Cape Chersonese
  28. LH-128 Dunkirk, France
    LH-128 Dunkirk, France
  29. LH-129 Cape Hatteras
    LH-129 Cape Hatteras
  30. LH-130 Barnegat
    LH-130 Barnegat
  31. LH-131 Cockspur Island
    LH-131 Cockspur Island
  32. LH-134 Lowestoft, England
    LH-134 Lowestoft, England

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