Native Americans

  1. NA-139 Hopi Indian dancers
    NA-139 Hopi Indian dancers
  2. NA-101 Osceola
    NA-101 Osceola
  3. NA-103 Arrowmaker
    NA-103 Arrowmaker
  4. NA-104 Ne-Sou-A Quoit
    NA-104 Ne-Sou-A Quoit
  5. NA-105 Okee-Makee-Quid
    NA-105 Okee-Makee-Quid
  6. NA-106 Tuko-See-Mathla
    NA-106 Tuko-See-Mathla
  7. NA-107 Esh-Ta-Hum-Leah
    NA-107 Esh-Ta-Hum-Leah
  8. NA-108 Tah-chee
    NA-108 Tah-chee
  9. NA-109 Ledagie
    NA-109 Ledagie
  10. NA-110 Weasel Tail
    NA-110 Weasel Tail
  11. NA-111
  12. NA-112 Ben Long Ear
    NA-112 Ben Long Ear
  13. NA-113 Red Jacket
    NA-113 Red Jacket
  14. NA-115 Old Sachem bitters
    NA-115 Old Sachem bitters
  15. NA-116 Osceola
    NA-116 Osceola
  16. NA-117 Crow indian
    NA-117 Crow indian
  17. NA-118 hunters
    NA-118 hunters
  18. NA-119 Minnehaha
    NA-119 Minnehaha
  19. NA-120 Hiawatha
    NA-120 Hiawatha
  20. NA-121 Kisi Moki snake dance
    NA-121 Kisi Moki snake dance
  21. NA-122 Hendrick Hudson
    NA-122 Hendrick Hudson
  22. NA-123 Yosemite Valley
    NA-123 Yosemite Valley
  23. NA-124 War dance
    NA-124 War dance
  24. NA-125 Custer
    NA-125 Custer
  25. NA-126 Daniel Boone
    NA-126 Daniel Boone
  26. NA-127 Piekann Indians
    NA-127 Piekann Indians
  27. NA-128 Indian village
    NA-128 Indian village
  28. NA-129 Apache
    NA-129 Apache
  29. NA-130 Denver in 1859
    NA-130 Denver in 1859
  30. NA-131 Navahos
    NA-131 Navahos
  31. NA-132
  32. NA-133 Swallow Bird
    NA-133 Swallow Bird
  33. NA-134 Red Bird
    NA-134 Red Bird
  34. NA-135 Mrs. American Horse
    NA-135 Mrs. American Horse
  35. NA-136 Am. Horse and wife
    NA-136 Am. Horse and wife
  36. NA-137 Seminole Indians
    NA-137 Seminole Indians
  37. NA-138 Seminole Indians
    NA-138 Seminole Indians

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