1. PA-101 Philadelphia City Cavalry
    PA-101 Philadelphia City Cavalry
  2. PA-102 Betsy Ross
    PA-102 Betsy Ross
  3. PA-103 Philadelphia
    PA-103 Philadelphia
  4. PA-104 Philadelphia
    PA-104 Philadelphia
  5. PA-105 Germantown
    PA-105 Germantown
  6. PA-106 Gettysburg
    PA-106 Gettysburg
  7. PA-107 Philadelphia
    PA-107 Philadelphia
  8. PA-108 Scranton
    PA-108 Scranton
  9. PA-109 Philadelphia
    PA-109 Philadelphia
  10. PA-110 Gettysburg
    PA-110 Gettysburg
  11. PA-111 Gettysburg
    PA-111 Gettysburg
  12. PA-112 Philadelphia
    PA-112 Philadelphia
  13. PA-113 Philadelphia
    PA-113 Philadelphia
  14. PA-114 Philadelphia
    PA-114 Philadelphia
  15. PA-115 Philadelphia
    PA-115 Philadelphia
  16. PA-116 State Street
    PA-116 State Street
  17. PA-117 Fairmount
    PA-117 Fairmount
  18. PA-118 Fairmount
    PA-118 Fairmount
  19. PA-119 State fair
    PA-119 State fair
  20. PA-120 Climax Mower
    PA-120 Climax Mower
  21. PA-121 Philadelphia Park
    PA-121 Philadelphia Park
  22. PA-122 Centennial grounds
    PA-122 Centennial grounds
  23. PA-123 Alfred Thomas
    PA-123 Alfred Thomas
  24. PA-124 Philadelphia
    PA-124 Philadelphia
  25. PA-125 Alleghenies
    PA-125 Alleghenies
  26. PA-126 Great Central Fair
    PA-126 Great Central Fair
  27. PA-127 Gettysburg
    PA-127 Gettysburg
  28. PA-128 Vicksburg
    PA-128 Vicksburg
  29. PA-129 Wissahickon Creek
    PA-129 Wissahickon Creek
  30. PA-130 Conemaugh Valley
    PA-130 Conemaugh Valley
  31. PA-131 Hampton Roads
    PA-131 Hampton Roads
  32. PA-133 Pocono Mountains
    PA-133 Pocono Mountains
  33. PA-134 Gettysburg
    PA-134 Gettysburg
  34. PA-135 Philadelphia
    PA-135 Philadelphia
  35. PA-136 Liberty Bell
    PA-136 Liberty Bell
  36. PA-137 Franklin House, Phil.
    PA-137 Franklin House, Phil.
  37. PA-138 Strawberry Mansion
    PA-138 Strawberry Mansion
  38. PA-139 Philadelphia
    PA-139 Philadelphia
  39. PA-140 Union Saloon
    PA-140 Union Saloon
  40. PA-141 Delaware Water Gap
    PA-141 Delaware Water Gap
  41. PA-142 Gettysburg
    PA-142 Gettysburg
  42. PA-143 Philadelphia
    PA-143 Philadelphia

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